Laser engrevers without usb connection

I didn’t know anywhere else where I could bring these questions. I currently have my laser engraver (atomstack a5) out in my shop, and it requires a USB connection, as I only have one computer I have to leave it out there until it is finished. Is there any laser engravers that I could hook up to my computer (whether by USB or wirelessly) send the commands to it and take my computer away from it.

The cheapest and easiest solution, in my opinion, would be to find an old PC or laptop, install Ubuntu and let it permanently control your laser. You can transfer the files either via USB or LAN from the “construction” to the “work” computer.
I have saved some PCs that have been retired due to age, no kids want those slow boxes, but LightBurn runs great on the machines.

But to answer questions, any laser that can work from a memory medium or dsp controlled laser that runs the whole project after it is send complete will be able to be used.

would a refurbish pc work to

For sure. The cheapest you can get, as long as it works and doesn’t have a too small or exotic display. Mine only has 4 GB of ram and was born with windows xp on a small 200 GB hard drive.

I have a decade or more old computer given to me… Loaded Ubuntu and Lightburn… it’s out in the garage.

Where are you… I have a couple of laptops, I believe.


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nice gesture/offer :+1:

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