Laser etched and cut cell phone cases from veneer

I saw a video on YouTube I thought was cool. The guy purchased bulk cell phone cases that were made for sublimation printers and instead of using the sublimation insert, he cut and engraved wood veneer to place in the case. Looks like it had a lot of potential. I found a vendor that sells those cases for about $15 for a pack of 5 or $3 each. I bought some for my Galaxy S10 and will be trying out inlaying wood veneers.

Anyone tried this before?

I bought some of the cell phone cases and did a test cut with zebra wood. Since I was using zebra wood I didn’t bother etching any kind of design. Thought I’d let the wood speak for itself. The cut veneer was coated with a few coats of spray lacquer prior to installation.

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