Laser Fading out

My laser after sitting for a month doesn’t seem to be working right. It starts fine then the laser seems to fade out. I stopped the laser after the letters but before it started the puzzle pieces. I am running an Ruida 644XG.pic 1

That looks to be strongest in the corner closest to the origin, and weakest at the diagonally opposite corner, so it’s probably mirror alignment.

I have aligned the laser this afternoon. I updated my lightburn software to make sure that wasn’t causing the issue. While aligning the laser the laser tube will visually turn on but not burn a post-it note put in front of the laser to test now when I pulse the laser. The laser tube only has approximately 50 hrs on it. Like I said the laser worked fine a month ago and I have not used it till this morning when it started not working right. It hasn’t been moved or anything so should not be damaged.

Upon further testing the laser seems to be interment. The laser tube visually is on but when I put the post it not in front of it won’t burn it most of the time but then will randomly function and burn it.

I forgot to mention it is a Orion Motor Tech 80watt Laser

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