Laser Files printed on 3d printer

I created a bunch of 3d printer fies for the laser engraver all are free but you need a 3d printer to print them. some are remix of laser files
Epic Laser Corners = Epic Laser Corners by freddyfred - Thingiverse
Laser Alignment Kit = Laser Alignment Kit by freddyfred - Thingiverse
HeavyDutyLensHolder = HeavyDutyLensHolder by freddyfred - Thingiverse
Laser rail clamps = Laser rail clamps by freddyfred - Thingiverse
Laser Focus Gauges = Laser Focus Gauges by freddyfred - Thingiverse
Laser Beam Alignment jig = Laser Beam Alignment jig by freddyfred - Thingiverse
Security Triangle Key = Security Triangle Key for laser by freddyfred - Thingiverse


Cool. Maybe some info about what machine, or the of machine, these were designed for?

I had a quick look and nothing here has any applicability for any of my machines - who is your target market?

I now have a china laser but most tools are for any laser the lens alignment kit is for the omtech 70w china laser. the laser corners which can be tighten down can fit any rail bead with the version3 i supplied.

The what now?

What is a ‘rail bead’?

My rails are rectangular and nowhere near anywhere I need to put material

These corners look like they fasten to the bed blades in this example.

Correct to the rail bed, if your rails are not the same as mine use the version3

Like the Laser Alignment kit - very useful

That`s so cool. Where did you ger your laser?

Ebay, OMTech 30"x16" 70W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter Etcher Marker Ruida DSP Autofocus | eBay