Laser finish point half way down

Hi Everyone
C3D mini / smoothie
I’ve just set moved my C3D mini into a new machine, I’ve changed the bed size from 300x200 to 600x400, when a job finished the laser head moves to the left half way down the table, how do I set it to return to the top left. I’ve read the document on origins and totally confused me :-/

Also, how do clear all existing settings in Lightburn, as in like a new install?
thank you

You need to configure the C3D itself - it comes stock expecting a K40 with a 300x200 bed. C3D has guidance for this on their forum and website.

To wipe LightBurn to a clean slate, run the app, then go to File => Open Prefs Folder, quit the app, then delete the files in that folder. You have to quit first because it saves them when it closes.