Laser Fire on Ruida 644XG


I have a 50 watt 300x500mm laser machine with a Ruida 644XG and the laser does not fire. The pulse button does fire the laser, however not on a laser cut job. I read other post to change the machines laser settings. Laser 1 Enabled marked True. How can we resolve this issue? Current LightBurn v. 0.9.09. Image attached.
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The pulse button on the controller fires it, or on the power supply?

If the pulse button on the controller fires it, that means it should be working. What settings are you trying to use when running a job? Do you have the door closed, the water running, and the laser switch on? (some machines have a switch to enable the laser itself)

Thanks for your reply. The pulse button on the controller fires it. The door is closed the water is running and the laser switch is on. The water pump and air pump are connected to the wall outlet and not the machines due to grounding outlet not on the machine itself. Theses switches are on as well. The cut settings are attached.

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400mm/sec is pretty fast for that machine, and the Min Power value might need to be higher to get the tube to fire. I’d start with increasing the Min to 5% or so to see if that helps, and back the speed down to about 200mm/sec until you have things working, then go up from there.

Thank you. Your suggestion worked. My current settings are 150 mm/sec and Min 10%.

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