Laser fires as soon as I flip the control switch on

Ive scrolled, more than Id care to admit, looking for the issue Im having to pop up so I can get back to work. Long story short…as soon as I switch on the control the laser fires at full power. Its not connected to my computer or anything else besides the power supply that came with the machine. Does anyone have any information that can help fix this issue? I dont believe anything is free so shoot a cashtag and I will send considerations.

These are controlled pwm. Can you unplug the laser module so you can check the voltages at the connector?

That will isolate it to the laser module or the control board.

Can you unplug the laser module and do you have a voltmeter?


What kind of device is this? Some units may require a signal ( pull up or down) to turn the laser off. I’m trying to find the article that explains this better bear with me

I found answer on this web sight by searching inverted PWM signals. If I find the one by johnjohn I’ll apply it here.

Yes I do.I will do that first thing in the morning. Thank you.

Its a two trees TTS55 machine. I swapped the original laser for a lunyee 40W(5.5W) module not too long ago. It worked for a while then just started turning on as soon as i flip the switch on the control board.

Thank you very much.

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