Laser fires on Start Button

This just started happening.
K40 with Mini-grbl.
Load project, any one it doesn’t matter. To trouble shoot this problem I just made a square (Line). Hit the start button and the laser will fire for a millisecond at the spot the laser head is located then complete the cut. I have noticed that when I start everything after its been off for a day or so the very first time I try a project it doesn’t fire (for a millisecond). The next one and all after that it fires on the start button. I’m doing tumblers so the first one is good but everything after has a slight mark. This mark is very, very small but it’s still there. I can mitigate it by putting a piece of tape on the spot it fires on and most of the time there is no mark. Is it a grbl issue or control board issue or a lightburn settings issue. I’ve tried all combinations of: Laser off then turn on computer, computer on then turn on laser, Lightburn loaded before laser/after etc. Any ideas? Thanks Randy

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