Laser firing at wrong time

Hi all
I seem to have developed a problem when I push start for the job the laser turns on right away leaving a cut line across the work all so when it returns to home.
if that is not bad enough I have now discovered that when I move the head .the laser also turns on.
very dangerous
THANK YOU,emphasized text BOB

I got the same problem with my Ruida controller.

I have noticed something similar with my Smoothieboard. whenever i jog the head using the attached TFT screen’s X/Y move commands, my laser tube gets exited :). not enough to cut but enough to switch ON this mode:
laser_module_ttl_pin #This pin turns on when the laser turns on, and off when the laser turns off.
I have added a led to show me when the tube is exited and it turns on when i jog and not only during a running job.

If this has just started happening and you haven’t changed anything in the configuration, it’s possible that your high-voltage power supply is on the way out. On DSP controllers, it’s almost always a wiring issue or a failing PSU. Check the wire connections from the controller to the PSU to make sure they’re tight.

@ingesep - The above also applies to you.

@Squid - you have a gcode based controller - completely different animal.

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thanks for info
had a quick look nothing obvious will investigate further now i have a starting point.

Hi have now replaced PSU all works well now.
Only had the machine 2 months.
But the after sales team were great and reimbursed me with out any problem.
thank you for all your help