Laser firing between cuts

I have a Ruida controler, and my laser is not turning off. Any idea what the problem could be at my laser?


Is your settings to glass tube?

For you Ruida setup, this may be an indication your PSU is on its way out. Try with RD just to eliminate a software issue and report back please.

Its a new Glass Tube.

Rick, I’m a newbie (not English language), so please what do you mean with RD.

No worries Geert. RD was meant to read RDWorks (sometimes re-branded to BossLaser, LaserWorks or similar) that came with you laser. What software came with your laser?

I want you to test the same file with that software to double check and eliminate the possibility of this being a LightBurn issue. If you get the same result from testing with different software, that indicates you have a hardware/electrical issue.

To help in communication, please feel free to post your question in your native language. We can translate on this end. :slight_smile:

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Hello Rick,

Thank you for your mail.

The problems where started with the laser tube arcing to the box.

So, I replace with a new tube.

I’m afraid this could be a hardware/electric problem.

The software I use is LithtBurn.


I agree.

This “arcing” was not necessarily a sign of tube health. As mentioned, the results you are seeing are a strong indication your PSU (power supply unit) is damaged, on its way to failure. Not your tube.

A new power supply is ordered, when I tried again, I will inform you. Thank you, and sorry for the troubles.

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Is it solved by changing the PSU? or was it something else? I have the same problem. Thank you

Dear Gustavo,

Yes, it run again without problems.
Sorry that I didn’t answer, Thank you everbody for the help.


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