Laser firing but not burning

Hey there,

I have a Foxalien 20w diode laser that was working fine today until i swapped computers. Now the laser fires but does not burn/cut/engrave anything. I’ve tried lazergrbl as well and get the same results. Here is my gcode.





































If you still have access to the old computer, you should transfer all the LightBurn settings:

If it’s completely dead, then you must rebuild all those settings from scratch.

I have the old computer, but it has the same settings as far as I can tell.

What is the value of “S Value Max” in Edit->Device Settings? It needs to be set to 1000 if it’s not.

Also, are you using the units that you expect? Typically mm/min for diode lasers.

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1000 for svalue max and in $30
mm/min for diode0

If you swap back to the other computer does performance revert to what you expect? If not, you likely have a hardware failure or other mechanical issue. Make sure that cables are all not damaged and well connected. Check lens for damage or residue and clean if required.

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