Laser flashes above 60% power

Hello guys
Hope you are doing well.
I have this problem of the laser only flashes when i hit the start botton, specialy when the power is above 60%.

Also i t works just fine when the laser is not connected to the board.

Hi Kirolos,

This could be the result of a poor power supply or bad diode - there are plenty of examples of Neje lasers having bad diodes (if you use the search feature on the forum you can find them)

The power supply is the cheapest and most readily available thing to check. You may also wish to check if there is a new updated firmware to load on your machine. It appeared to be working previously, however, from the video?

It could help if you post what you currently have set in firmware. Type $$ followed with Enter/Return into the ‘Console’ window. Note the information that gets spit back in the ‘Console’ window. Copy and Paste all resulting text here for review.


And could also help if you tell us what kind of power supply are you using.
With my Neje module, is the A40630, that seems quite similar to yours i use this one LRS-350-12

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