Laser focus prolem

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone check, is focus of my laser ok.
I can’t see any cracks on lens.
I am using Atomstack X20 pro.
Because i am facing issues in cutting my job…
I am not able to re-run my job again with same parameters.
Sometimes it cuts perfectly, and sometimes it doen’t.
I couldn’t understand why is it so.
Very much annoyed


If what you show in the pictures, you shouldn’t be able to use your laser at all. Why do you have 4 lines instead of a point?

Yes Sir,
I am not able to use my laser properly.
These lines are visible at a distance of about 1.5 feet from module.
If i see at a distance of about 5-10mm its a point only.
But i have a doubt about my laser module showing these 4 lines. Why its showing lines instead of point.
That’s why i asked on this platform (is my module damaged ?)

[quote=“amankhemka, post:3, topic:90200”]
That’s why i asked on this platform (is my module damaged ?)
[/quoteIn order to find an answer to that, I will do a focus test (ramp test) to find the correct focus distance. If it is possible, you must find out if there is the energy output that there should be with your diode.
I can answer again in the evening, I’m out of the house.

ok sir, thanks

…is actually working on it right now :wink:

Sorry, but I’ve mixed up the topics, I’ve been working on another issue.

But now that I’m back, have you managed to focus your diode laser?
If you do not get a reasonably small, slightly elongated focal point, you should contact the seller for a replacement. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw your pictures was that one or more mirrors in your diode laser are out of their original position. But - I know too little about their new dual and quatro diode laser. I hope someone else here in the forum with the same laser comes along.

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Thanks Sir,
Yes i have to atomstack, along with pictures and waiting for their reply.

That means you can’t focus your laser - that’s annoying. You want to start working and the machine doesn’t work… I hope for you that you get a response from your dealer as soon as possible.
Please come back so we can hear what the solution will be.

Sure sir, i will come back

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