Laser freaks out 3/4's through the project

Hi All,
I am trying to do an image on a skateboard on my 100w Ruida Chinese laser. It is a vector image that I am engraving on to it.

I loaded in and lined it up just fine and even did a preview to make sure it was set and to see how long it was going to take. Everything was just fine.

I launched it from the laptop and its fine for 19 mins then it only goes halfway up the board and acts like that is the top and starts going from there! Any ideas how to make it so it doesn’t do it?

You can see where I stopped it at the new bottom of the engraving.

First thing I notice is that your machine and LightBurn don’t seem to have the same origin and or axis direction. The image on your board is flipped from your graphic in LightBurn.

Make sure LightBurns origin matches your machines origin and things run in the right direction.

I have no idea what this sentence means - can you try describing that a different way?

From your settings I can see that you’re running with a speed of 500mm/sec, which is pretty fast. I suggest if you’re going that fast that you use Send instead of Start, so the controller only has to worry about receiving the data OR running the job, not both - at that speed you’re working it reasonably hard.

Sorry, What I mean was, the job was going fine for 19 mins. Then it glitched and it shifted the image to the right which would only go halfway across the board then go the opposite way the same distance past the board.

Ahhh - ok. That sounds like your X axis slipped. 500mm/sec is pretty fast (and basically the limit of these machines). You could try lowering the X axis acceleration for engraving by about 10% to see if that helps. If you Send instead of Start, then select the file in the file list from the controller, you’ll see a preview on the display - if that’s not shifted then the problem is mechanical.

Ok, Thanks Oz for this.

I had tried before sending it to the machine, just was having issues with it actually starting where I wanted it to. I did just find out from another forum how to fix that so will try these fixes on Tuesday.

Thanks again and I will keep you all abreast on it all when I work on the machine next.

So went at it again. Was able to first fix the origin issue Joel1 suggested. Then slowed it down to 300mm/s instead of 500mm/s and sent it to the machine and had it run from there. Said it would take about 45mins to do the job. 33 mins in and suddenly the motors make a noise sounding like they are jammed and then goes off the other direction. So I pause and take these pictures. Any tips?

I can’t think of a stepper failure that makes it suddenly run the wrong direct, but the sound you describe sure sounds like a stepper issue. Hate to see you waste another board, but if it happens again, carefully check how hot the stepper is. Not sure how this might relate to changing directions though.

If your graphic is the same as the original post, the image is still flipped. In your graphic, the nose of the board is pointing to the right and the face is pointing down. On the actual board, if you were to position it nose pointing to the right, the face is pointing up.

Can you post a screen shot of the window in Edit > Machine Settings? It seems like you have a binding issue in the X axis or your engraving acceleration for X is too high. That’s made worse by high speeds, but can also be a problem at lower speed, so it might be better to decrease the X engraving accel and then try again faster. And maybe do runs on cardboard until this is sorted.

Haven’t wasted a board yet. Just have sanded down and gone again. As for the pictures no it isn’t the same here is what the desktop looks like now.

Also I thankfully didn’t waste this run either. I ended up starting this again but flipped my scan angle to finish off the top which now I have a finished board, though it did make one more pass than I should have.

So just cleaning it up to spray it white tomorrow.

not sure what I should set them too since this is all stock setting.

X acceleration of 8000 is relatively high, but not outlandish. I had a Red/Black Kehui machine from EBay that was 10000 when delivered, and that was too high, but 7500 worked well. Try dropping yours to 7000 and see if that behaves better - it sounds like it’s mostly working and only having an occasional skip, so that might be enough to let you push the speed back up.

Will do. Thanks again for taking the time and helping me with this.

That’s one thing about the laser community as a whole, everyone seems to be very helpful. I just recently bought lightburn after 3 years of just working with RDWorks. I look forward to working with it now and be involved in this community as well.

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So, I ended up rotating the board so it doesn’t do the long travel and it seemed to fix the issue. Thanks for the assistance everyone!

So, today I was doing another project and it did the same thing so I changed the settings like you suggested and it seemed to work with no issue. Thank you Oz!

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