Laser goggles question

I’m new to lasers and just recently bought a JTech 7W to use with my Shapeoko. The laser came with a pair of OD 2 goggles. I purchased a couple of extra pairs of goggles from Amazon. They claim to be OD 6+ with my laser. I was surprised that these goggles let in more visible light than the ones that came with the JTech laser, which is a good thing since it makes reading the LightBurn screen easier. I have not tried them yet with cutting because I have some concerns that since they are passing more visible light they might not be offering the protection they claim.

Has anyone here used these safety goggles?

LaserPair Goggles

It is good that you want to take care of your eyes and these glasses also look very nice and safe but, the same test you can do yourself with all glasses that absorb the area around the 445nm. Even normal glasses (reading glasses for example) will provide a lot of protection. What I want to say is, it does not have to be the most expensive safety goggles. A small comparison, normal sunglasses protect well against very bright light (from the sun) but you can and must never look into the sun directly, no matter how expensive the glasses are. Also, never look into the laser beam directly, the laser goggles are intended for protection against reflection radiation.

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The protective glasses must not let blue light through. Have a look here from minute 4:50: Lasergravierer Vigotec VG-L7 (20 W) - YouTube