Laser going off track and randomly cutting - Using a Boss Laser

Hi there please see picture, this has happened on multiple files laser randomly veers off track and starts cutting in random directions. There doesnt seem to be any hidden things in my files. Using Lightburn and a Boss laser (Ruida). Not sure if its something I am doing or a problem in the program or laser?

What does this job look like in the ‘Preview’ (image) window?

Post the LBRN file for review, please.

Hi! This is the current one I am having trouble with. One thing to mention when I sent this file to my old computer it was able to work… not sure why? I have made all of my settings the exact same as my old computer as well. One other thing to note is that when trying to attach this computer to the laser it couldnt find it, I had to do it manually. Not sure if this could also be a reason for the problem? See file attached of the current file I am having problems with.
Aria Cake Topper.lbrn (326.2 KB)

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