Laser grinding sounds when hitting corners

Good day everyone,
I recently bought Creality CR-falcon 10w and I am having problems with it. I dont know if its on the software or hardware side to be honest. The laser makes grinding sound when hitting the corners, its like it things theres more room then there actualy is and I turned it off for now, dont wanna break it or something.

Do you maybe have any ideas why this happens and how to fix it? Thanks

Could you elaborate on your phrase “hitting the corners”?

Is it physically striking something or is it attempting to change direction without striking anything?

Yeah basically when it gets in the corner you hear a sound like changing gears without fully pressing the clutch on a car. Its like it thinks theres more space then it actually is

Probably the noise of a pulley skipping teeth.

Does this happen during homing? Does the machine have homing switches? Does it home to the corner where the switches are located?

Fixed it, forgot to update the firmware. Thanks for steering me in the right direction Chris, cheers