Laser Head crashing during Camera Alignment Wizard

Red and Black 80W CO2 700 x 500, Ruida controller, LB 0.9.02

I am trying to run the Camera Alignment Wizard. I get to the part about setting the targets, but when I hit frame, my laser head crashes into the back left…the only way to stop it is to shut down my laser. (The head always tries to crash when I first start up my machine, but I always hit esc to prevent it. I have the parameters set up to 700 x 500 in the controller, but I have had nothing but aggravation with this thing)

Where do you have the origin set in ‘Device Settings’? Ruida controllers are usually set to the back-right.

I had a similar result until I scaled the image down a bit. Seems it wants to put it too far in positive Y location. X seems ok.

This is the entire problem right here - you have not homed the machine, so it does not know it’s position. The head is not trying to crash, it’s seeking the limit switches installed, and when it finds them, it stops, and marks that location as zero on that axis.

If your limit switches are installed incorrectly, are out of position, or have a wiring issue, this process will fail and the head will crash. You’ll need to fix this before you can use the camera alignment, because the camera system needs to use the machine in “absolute coordinates” mode to be able to position things accurately on the machine.


I have the very same issues with my 80w red and black .

My question is how do I go about homing my machine. I’ve looked at countless resources but never found a simple, answer on how to home.

Thank you.

Need to know a bit more than wattage and color. :slight_smile: What controller drives you system?

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Rudia is the controller 700x500 bed size