Laser head drops forward

I’m new to lasers work and I am having a problem. When I remove the stepped focus block I noticed that the laser head drops and leans forward slightly resulting in a cut that is not vertical. How can I rectify this problem ( it’s driving me mad) :woozy_face:

Find whatever is loose and tighten it. Laser or roller wheel tension.

Hi David,
I had a similar problem when I added my Lasertree K30 to my Longer frame. The heavier laser caused the gantry to tip forward because the K30 was a good bit heavier than the unit the Longer was shipped with. I had some leftover copper sheets from a CNC project so I bent them into an L shape and mounted them on the back wheels of the gantry roller guides, the L portion of the copper strip snugged up to the bottom of the frame. I secured them in a way that it barely touched the frame and provided no or minimal drag when in motion. It was enough support to keep the head unit from tipping forward. Cuts are perpendicular and I have not noticed any evidence of that fix altering cut quality. I’ve been running it for about 6 months now with no issues.
Best of luck

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