Laser Head Last location says it is nowhere where it actually is

So I am new and just getting started, I installed the correct firmware I have Lightburn 1.2.01 with the Xtool Pro D1 20W. The main issue is the surface area you see when working in Lightburn the grid I am guessing that should be the center of the Laser area x & y axis. I set up the home area to be x it knows where the home is. Here is the problem when I try and engrave and cut something it does not work that is not my issue in this string I pause the laser then stop, once I do this and I say the last known location for the laser instead of it being in the middle of the work area where it was cutting it says it is like at the X 4 x y0 Axis. Now, if I say return to home, the laser slams into the left rail and back rail because the coordinates are all off. Why is the laser making up its own coordinates? Why won’t it say where it is actually in the center of the workspace? I will never get anything accomplished if I cannot sort out this issue

I think there may be a couple of things going on. Potentially a setup issue and a procedure issue.

I suggest you watch the LightBurn video on D1 setup. It will be virtually the same as the Pro. The only exception being you should download the Pro specific .lbdev file.

xTool D1 Laser Engraver LightBurn Set Up & First Project - YouTube

Thank You I am going to check this out and where my I find the pro specific file?

I have watched that video and done all of that, however I watched it again and noticed something in the user manual I think solved it. My Start from position was clicked on the right dot all the way when it should have been top left tested it 3 times and works perfectly. I appreciate you insight now t o my next issue. Thank You

Hopefully you located this already:
Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

That’s good. Note that job position is only relevant for current position and user origin modes.

Generally, I’d suggest sticking to Absolute Coords until you’re very familiar with the operation of the laser. It’s the most straightforward of the modes.

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