Laser head position does not correspond to position in software

Good evening all, I have set my laser up through the auto detect and have the “bed” setting to the size of my laser (Ortur LM2 Pro S2). When the laser is homed the position in lightburn reads x0 y0. If I then send the laser head to position x200 y200 in the software, the position of the laser hard does not correspond to the software position - it is over 100mm out in x&y axis. Has anyone come across this - any work arounds ?? Thanks

I see a couple of possibilities. Either an issue with offset or a calibration issue. I’m guessing offset in this case.

Can you run a homing cycle and then run these commands in the Console window? Enable Console from the Window menu if you don’t have it available.


Copy the output text and paste here as a reply.

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