Laser head upgrade problem

My laser came with a D18mm x FL50.8 lens and tube. I’d like to experiment with longer focal lengths and different nozzles for cutting thicker material such as 3/4 plywood and lumber. Every laser head or lens tube upgrade I’ve found for sale is only compatible with the MGN15H bearing block/ rail, ie 26 x 26mm square mounting holes. My laser has the MGN12C bearing block/ rail and the holes are 15 x 20mm square. Search is very difficult because this spec is never in the title of the listed items, only buried in the images if at all. Anyone know of a supplier, or an adapter plate solution, or a way to search for the assembly I need? I even considered swapping out the entire block and rail, but the hole spacing is different between the MGN12 and MGN15.

Have you looked at Russ Sadler Lightweight head system? It’s very flexible. Here’s mine with the compound lens. I have a 1.5", 2" and 4" lens tube assembly also. Quick change.

This is a youtube link, zoom out to about 25min he has a version of it in a little more detail.



Interestingly this whole process began when I received an old version of Russ’s custom lens holder (Cloudray C Series CO2 Adjustable Laser Head Bracket – Cloudray Laser) which is bored for 25x25mm bearing block. My bearing rail and block assembly is mounted to the top of my gantry. Yours and Russ’s look to be face mounted. Not sure if he makes an adapter plate. Did you buy directly from him?

Yes. I believe he makes one that fits your machine, but you would have to ask him… Drop him a line.


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Thanks I will. Looks like in video 181 he details my exact problem of the 12mm rail. He made an adapter plate but apparently could not convince Cloudray to produce it.

Sorry I missed his video by one… :frowning:

Russ would give you his shirt off his back if it’d get you back up… He LIKES doing this stuff.

He modified mine to fit also…

Reach out to him… :slight_smile:


I decided not to bug Russ since not only is the bearing mounting different but so is the geometry of beam location vs bearing location, so I made my own plate. A few iterations in .1 plywood which worked great for several weeks while I waited for my final parts from SendCutSend in .1 stainless steel.

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It looks real nice… Is it stainless?

How do you control the Z axis?

Maybe a photo from the side…?


Yes stainless. I have to shim the plate from below for vertical adjustment. Not super convenient but once it’s done it’s done. I laser cut .01 shims from a plastic HDPE binder. My primary objective was to upgrade to the C series lens tubes and 20mm lenses, from the stock 18mm and 50.8FL lens. Designing a plate with vertical adjustment may be in the cards for a later date but it’s tricky without welding (which I don’t).

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Looks real nice and professional.

I think we all end up playing the ‘shim’ game at some point in this game.

Did you happen to weigh the parts you took off and replaced to see if you could bump your acceleration up a bit for the X axis?


New stainless came to 159g. Stock AL plates for C series lens tubes weigh around 130. To reduce weight I would want to replace the bulky mirror head and tube with a bare bones aluminum set-up like yours. However I do very little engraving so it’s not a priority ATM.

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