Laser Inline Power with Snapmaker 2.0 and most recent firmware

Hi Lightburn-People!

my first “hello” - let me use it to say “Thank you” for the great software!

I’m a Snapmaker 2.0 owner, and in recent firmwares they introduced Marlin’s laser inline power control. However, the Snapmaker profile (thanks again for having that!) does not allow to select inline power - the option is just missing. If I select a generic Marlin machine, the setting is there, but then I cannot select B-axis for my rotary module.

Is there any chance that you add the option to the Snapmaker profile?

I tried to fumble around with exporting the profile, adding the options that appear when using a generic Marlin machine, and then re-impoting, but Lightburn refuses to import my modified profile… Is there any reasoning behind not allowing any axis in the generic Marlin profile?

Thanks for looking into this!

Best, Hauke

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