Laser is behaving weird

Hi, I´m new to lasers and not a good english speaker, I will try my best to explain everything.

this photo is the engraving of a laserman flying bear laser machine that i was using, I bought a Longer B1 20w Laser for faster engraving.

since the first boot the machine hasnt engraved anything properly, the engraving looks like dots instead of lines

and today the laser is not turning on in some areas when engraving.

I changed the drivers from M3 grbl to grbl, engraved in 15000 mm/m, 20000 mm/m, 10000 mm/m and is always not uniform, checked belts tension, unpluged and plugged everything twice, i really don´t have any ideas to what could be happening.

im srry this is the right photo for the laserman machine

In spite of advertised speeds it’s possible that your machine cannot practically engrave at such high speeds.

But let’s explore.

Can you upload the .lbrn file that you used to burn these samples?

Also, what material are you engraving to?

this is the file, and the material is PP (polypropylene)

I was expecting to see something in the design that might account for what you’re seeing but I don’t see anything particularly unusual.

I suspect this is mostly related to the settings and how your material is behaving. I don’t have any experience engraving to PP.

A couple of things I’d suggest trying:

  1. validate that your line interval is ideal for the material. Start with the same speed and power settings as you’ve been using. I suspect you’ll have a lot of overlap
  2. once you get an idea of better line interval run several material tests at varying power and speed settings. I suspect this will be somewhat difficult due to the nature of PP. If I had to guess I suspect you’ll be better off trying to have multiple low power passes otherwise you’ll end up getting uncontrolled melting.

I´ll try to upload a photo engraving on plywood, showing is the same issue

edges are not burnt .

and I tried to engrave just the spot where having problems and laser just wont turn on

Can you try burning to a more consistent material? That plywood looks like it may be treated with something on the surface.

Try cardboard or solid wood or a known untreated plywood.

Are you certain the laser isn’t turning in at those spots?

the page doesnt let me post the video, I made a rectangle side to side and 10 mm of height, the laser just turn off at the end, it wont engrave on fill or line, just doesnt turn on in that area

You can’t upload videos directly but you can link them.

link:Dropbox - Video de WhatsApp 2023-11-02 a las 23.38.45_df3f6c7f.mp4 - Simplify your life

There may be 2 things going on:

  1. The areas where it’s not burning is the overscan areas where it shouldn’t burn.
  2. The controller is adjusting the laser power down to account for deceleration/acceleration. This can become exaggerated if your speed settings are higher than actual achieved speeds. I’d suggest dramatically decreasing speed to check behavior.

it couyld be the psu ? i disconnected and is still lighted up

even when I turned off the overscan, the laser still turn off, ill try to decrease the speed to se if anythng changes

I lowered the speed to 4000 mm/m, no change

Reduce dramatically… down to let’s say 800 mm/m.

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