Laser is doing weird Stuff - OMTech 80W Blue Laser

Hey Guys, my OMTech 80W Blue Laser with Ruida Controller worked just fine since yesterday.

When i’m trying to engrave an image, or something else, it is doing some weird Stuff.

I’m using Lightburn 0.9.24.
I’ve already checked for loose belts, they are thighten.
I have really no idea what causes this.

I made a Video and a picture of what is happening.

The Laser is engraving further and further to the right. I dont really know how to explain.

Please help me out.

Sorry but the files were to big to upload them here on Lightburn.

Video Link:

Líghtburn File:

This is what is happening:

Thats the Image i’m trying to engrave:

@LightBurn i know your very busy, but you’ve mostly got the solution for things like this.

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