Laser is firing but wont burn

At first I used the free lightburn software and I just upgraded and bought the software. My laser burns fine on the free software but will fire on the new software but will not burn. Is there a setting that will make it fire? the fire button is enabled.

Did you download and install a new version of Lightburn?

As far as I know there is no difference between the free trail and the working paid for version.

With you trial, I upgraded mine, but just going to ‘help → license management’ and entered the key.

If you did re-install it, then it’s a configuration problem and you might need to go back through the Lightburn Setup.

Generally these are the $30, $31 and possibly the $32 which enables ‘laser mode’.

$30 is usually set to 1000, which is the default for Lightburn, but some boards have it set at 254. Whatever it is, it needs to match ‘S-Value Max’ in the ‘Device Settings’ under ‘Edit’.

Good luck


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