Laser is moving too fast to burn

I went to start a job today and my laser began the job but was moving through the burns too quickly. i changed the speeds in lightburn and resaved the gcode and sent it to my machine but the issue persisted i made sure all of my machine settings were read from my controller and tried again but it still happened. tried a different design and the same thing happened. it was working fine the last few jobs. i am running a sharp cnc with a 30w air assisted laser and operate my laser through a GRBL commander software from CNC3D in Aus. any help would be awesome thanks

here are my machine settings
machine settings.lbset (5.9 KB)

Are you saying that the machine is moving faster than what you’re requesting? What’s preventing you from slowing the speed further?

Can you upload the .lbrn file that you are using?

i started at 1000mm/m but my machine was travelling at 2500mm i slowed to 500 in lightburn while setting up the image… still 2500 through machine and then adjusted my machine settings in lightburn to make sure they were correct and then set to 100mm @100% power still moved @ 2500 i saved separate files and even tried a new design same issue. was working fine yesterday

girl cuttingboard.lbrn2 (2.3 MB)

How did you determine the speed the machine was actually moving?


This shows the speeds units as 100 mm/s rather than 100 mm/min. Is it possible that you’re putting in values assuming mm/minute but you’re actually working in mm/s? 100 mm/s is 6000 mm/min so would be higher than maximum speed in machine setting of 2500 mm/min so would be limited by the controller to that speed.

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did not notice this thank you

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