Laser is not burning grbl 1.1h

i got a benbox 3.1 laser (65x50cm) benbox is a bit crappy but it did work. anyway i want to use lightburn so ive got that and i found out i needed to flash the laser with grbl firmware which i did to 1.1h and after messing around a bit in light burn it all seems to work ok

but when i goto burn something i press start it goes through the motions the laser is on its doing its thing but its not burning the wood. even if i put the power upto 100% i get nothing! i tried lowering the speed to 40mm/s.

only time i get any mark is if i set the fire button to 20% and leave it on for 10 seconds then i get a dot but a faint one. any ideas?

i did $$ and saw $32 was at 0 so i set that to 1 and $30 was set to 1000 s-value max is set to 1000 as well so i think i did everything right.

i do a frame first to check the area and it is acceptable so then i press start its doing it but its not burning. i have adjusted the laser to a point and now im just stuck i dont know what to do

Can you post your other $$ settings? It sounds like you have things set properly, but worth a look.

fixed it days ago i was going to o fast for a diode laser

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