Laser is not engraving correctly

I import a drawing into light burn, trace the drawing, save the gcode, and then run the code. The problem I am having is that the laser will engrave one line correctly, and then start to over burn the burnt line with the next part of the drawing. I am not sure what i am doing wrong.
Thanks for any help.

Hi Gordon and welcome. You’ll need to provide more detail so this community can help you. First, tell us about your machine (you can use the Machine field in your profile). Make, model, power, controller, size, and anything else you think would be helpful for others to know.

Then, tell us a little more about your process in this example. What are your layer settings i.e., what speed, power, and type of layer. How complex is the traced image? What material are you lasering on? Do you have air assist? Do you have fume extraction? Just some example of helpful information we need to help you.


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