Laser is on when homing, turns off when scanning

I have a Ruida 644XG controller, according to LB. It’s actually a KT332N according to the label on the controller. Everything has been working great, been using the machine all day making Christmas ornaments. Shut it down for dinner, went to restart it and I noticed it left a burn mark across the wood as it went to home. Started a new cut project, the laser turned on when moving into place, then turned off when it was tracing the lines. On the rapid moves, it would turn on again. It’s like the laser is operating in the opposite of what it should. Any ideas?

Check the wiring to the high-voltage power supply. The Ruida controller by default uses an ‘active low’ signal to tell the power supply to fire the laser. If your HV-PSU has an L and an H input (Low and High) you should be connected to the L.

This is assuming that the controller itself is configured that way as well - there’s a setting for this in Edit > Machine Settings, toward the bottom, so you could also just change it there (which is arguably simpler anyway).

Thank you, Oz! It was my settings. Laser 1 was set to high, not sure how because it was working properly before. Able from Orion Laser walked me through several items to check, came to the Vendor Settings, Laser 1 and he said “that needs to be set to low”. Started working after that. I get back on the forum and see your reply, same solution. It’s VERY comforting to know we’ve got very valuable resources for our issues. Thank you again, and a Merry Christmas to everyone! Now, back to making ornaments :slight_smile:

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