Laser is reducing power at the ends of the design

I have a problem and I think it may be a setting in the software that I am unaware of. I’m trying to engrave some black powder coated tumblers. I had successfully engraved 5 tumblers last week. Using the same settings I am running into this problem (see pictures). The laser seems like its reducing power at the ends of the design before it turns around and goes back the other way. Notice that the areas in the middle of the design are engraving perfectly. I know my line count was too low.
I’m using:
Xtool D1 Pro 20w
3000 Speed
30% Power

Has anyone ever seen or experienced this? is there a setting to maintain power from the

beginning to end?

I am seeing something similar expect it happens on and off over the full image, producing stripping over the image. This is happening with both my D1 and D1 pro. With the laserbox on the D1 does not have it. Planning on testing with Creative Space on both D1 and D1 pro tomorrow.

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How did XCS work? I yet to find the time to try XCS. Seems to be the consensus with the Facebook communities. XCS is turning out better tumblers (no Pun). Post a picture of your tumbler. It has to be something in the settings that I have yet to figure out.

Have not has time to attempt yet, plan is to do it this w/e. will update.

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