Laser isnt burning

I just purchased an Ometech 40W CO2 laser i upgraded and installed the mother board to be light burn compatible. Currently i am not able to get my laser to actually burn without maxing out the power at a very slow speed. even when i do that the burn is inconsistent. i have tried multiple materials (leather, suede ect.) but the results are less than good. any insight or help please! i even tried the material test set at 150mm/s -350mm/s power 40%-100% not a single mark was made. if i slow the speed down to 2mm/s and it does visibly burn but you would have to make 5 passes for it to look acceptable. thank you!

What upgrade board did you get? It’s likely going to be Smoothieware or GRBL but almost certainly not Marlin.

That information will be necessary to determine next steps.

Also, can you take a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings and post here?

Smoothieware is the upgraded board.

Did you get Omtech’s K40+ board?

I wouldn’t think this would have problems with power modulation. Have you reviewed the wiring of the board to make sure nothing was misplaced?

Can you upload a sample .lbrn file where you’re having an issue?

One thing I’m noticing is that you have origin set to top-left in Device Settings. Smoothieware devices are almost always bottom-left origin from what I’ve seen. Do your jogging controls work in the correct direction? If not, can you change to bottom-left? This won’t fix the power issue you’re currently seeing, however.

nothing burns at low settings, at all. even all the test features dont even show up. i clearly dont know what im doing and need serious help!!! is there an number i could facetime you to try and get a faster resolution here? i would be happy to pay you for your time!!!

the green lights R 78 and R79 blink while the machine is powered on or off and something is red?! Is this an issue?

Whatever issues you’re having seem like they’re unrelated to LightBurn.

The sample burn does not have a consistent burn throughout the design. That implies either an an alignment or focus issue.

What is the history of this laser? Was it in use prior to the conversion or is this a brand new machine? I’m trying to determine the extent of potential mechanical issues.

Are you familiar with the process to align mirrors and focus your laser?

The photo of the tube shows a serious problem in your water cooling. There is a massive air pocket at the top of the tube where you can see condensation forming at the top. If that has not already caused tube damage it almost certainly will going forward. Rotate the tube such that the return line is at the highest point in the tube. That should allow air to escape. Coax absolutely all air bubbles out of the system.

I’d strongly advise not running any more tests until you resolve this as this will absolutely destroy your tube.

Brand new machine from ometech. I see what you’re saying I will definitely try that and see what happens! Thank you stay tuned :pray:t2:

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