Laser Jog Settings

I’m trying to figure out where the jog settings are for lightburn. I have a Snapmaker 2.0 and I see the speed setting in the move window, however I do not feel this affects all possible jogs, for instance the focus test.The device settings speeds are also only for emulation. Does anyone have good suggestions of how to set this?

Marlin firmware, which SnapMaker uses, does not differentiate between G0 (rapid) and G1 (feed rate) moves.

The standard GCode spec says that G0 moves are rapid, non-cutting moves, that should go as fast as the machine can reasonably travel, and G1 moves use the specified feed rate for cutting.

Since Marlin bizarrely ignores this, LightBurn uses the ‘Fast Whitespace’ speed value in Edit > Device Settings for rapid moves on Marlin during cutting jobs. Set that value to however fast you want traversal moves to be, and enable the toggle.

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Awesome thank you!

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