Laser just won't move

Console 11/17/22 12:19 pm

Waiting for connection…

Port failed to open - already in use?

(wrong laser 10 w not connecter)

Console 11/17/22 12:22 pm 20w laser

I moved the module to the center manually

Turned laser power on, selected xtool-d1-red laser com9

Selected the correct device. And console read;

Waiting for connection…

Port failed to open - already in use?

Waiting for connection…


[xTool D1Pro:ver B3]





start_home x

left limit trigged

start_home y


Laser did not move

Waiting for connection…

Port failed to open - already in use?

Waiting for connection…

Port failed to open - already in use?

Turned everything off. Laser+CPU restarted.

CPU on.

Turned on laser with power switch module only made a short knock (I thought that the module was going home). Nope It just made a slight sound and stopped. Pressed Home, no movement

Selected positioning (alt L). Module made a knock and it did not move. Then the warning sound came on.


  1. What does the LED indicator mean?

red light checked

  1. One of the position limits can be fixed in different positions on the Left Plate, why? Limit plate checked

  2. How to make the middle plate parallel to the front and rear plates?


#4 What to do when the laser shakes during processing?

No shaking while processing etching

#5 Why does the power of the laser head decline?

No power loss

Head clean checked

#6 What to do to avoid contamination of the laser protective lens?


#7 What to do with the Limit Switch alarm?

No damage or blockage to limit switches

#8 Why did the machine hit the rear plate during processing?

Nothing in the way. How will replacing the x axis assembly fix my problem where do I get a replacement assembly

#9 What to do when the laser shakes during framing?

#10 Why and what to do when D1 Pro is detected but not able to be connected via USB?

I only use lightburn. So I can’t update the firmware because, I am using Lightburn but have to replace the mother board?

#11 Why does it not frame after pressing the button as instructed inc xcs?

I did not have a problem with the framing function. I may need a TF card

#12 Why does the laser not move in the X-axis or Y-axis direction?

Checked the x-axis and Y-axis cable all connections are correct. Timing belts and cables are correct.

#13 D1 Pro cannot connect to XCS via Wi-Fi, why?

I don’t need the WI-FI yet

#14 How to switch the positioning mode between Red cross and Laser spot?

This is not a problem for me

#15 No laser beam after D1 starts processing. Why?

Not a problem


“waiting for connection”

I clicked on START

“There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused”


Find my laser. I filled out the answers correctly and it still could not find my laser.

I am really lost. I may need phone help. Both the 10w & 20w lasers are not working. Only the lights are movement or sound.

11/17/22 6:48pm I quit for the night.

Things to check would be usb driver and usb cable (cable quality matters!).

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