Laser just works with 100% on constant mode

Hello, I’m new in laser-burning and I have a problem with my new laser. I bought it at ebay, its a 3018 pro. The Grbl controller is with the firmware 1.1f. When I start the laser with 100% at constant mode, it works, but burns all down. When I set 50% or something else, it stops with an error. It doesn’t matter what I burn, is it a letter or somithing else. I’m now try to solve the problem since one week and don’t find the right answer. Perhaps someone can help me?

Can you push “Save gcode” in Laser window and save with .txt extension and upload here?

Here is the gcode. Just started it with the letters ABC. It started and stoped.
test.txt (5.3 KB)

The message is:


Im Block wurden zwei G-Code-Befehle erkannt, bei denen die Verwendung der XYZ-Achsenwörter erforderlich ist.

Auf oder in der Nähe der Linie 32:

Auftrag angehalten

I don’t see anything wrong with the gcode. I’m wondering if you’re either having a communication issue or possibly a firmware issue.

Can you trying swapping USB cables and/or USB port to see if that makes a difference?

Else, are you able to update the firmware on your controller?

I already changed the cable, but it’s always the same. It starts and stops. I think I should do a firmware upgrade to prove if it that can help. I will try tomorrow. Thank you.

Hello, I just made the firmware upgrade to 1.1h and could do some work without errors. But they came sometimes, when I did not restart lightburn but just import a new picture, then it could be there an error. It seems like it is a buffer isue. Is it possibil to clear the buffer trough the console? The board is an ATmega328p. Is this board generally good or s****?

This is the microcontroller used in Arduino and was the original base for GRBL and is still widely used today. It’s perfectly fine and well supported.

Not sure why you’d be having an intermittent issue like that. It’s possible you’re having a hardware problem. Either controller or laser module.

Can you run $$ command in Console and return output here? Can at least confirm settings.

Also, if you could also post updated gcode sample.

Do you have a volt meter you can use to test the controller? You could find out if the issue is coming from the controller or caused by the laser module.


I had found the out what the problem was. The controller was faulty. So I just sent it back and bought an Atomstack, which runs after assembly without any errors. Thank you for the effort.

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