Laser loses where it is

Ok, I need help again. I got the first problem fixed but now in the middle of a job, the laser randomly decides it doesn’t know where it is and walks off course. I have checked the belts and they seem fine. Nothing was touched or bumped and it’s not in the same place each time.

Hi Tracie,

This looks to be a mechanical loss of location be it from belts slipping (which you checked) or perhaps speed/acceleration settings, or a rough spot in your machine’s motion system hanging things up. Make sure your movement axis ride smoothly and are clean + and lubricated, if necessary.

Have you tried running the job at a slower speed to see if the same loss of travel occurs?

It was only running at a speed of 5mm/s so I couldn’t really go much slower. I should mention, it does it too when framing a job more than once. I have to re-home it in between or it forgets where it is.

For anyone that was curious…the laser head was hitting the limit switch, when trying to move to another part of the job (even thought it framed fine), and then it would completely lose where it was. I moved the job over a smidge and it has been fine since.

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