Laser machine Frame Test

Hi, my name is Renato and I recently bought a laser machine.
It’s a Chinese model with 900 x 1300, it uses the software Ruida and when I use RDworks v8 on my Windows computer and try to frame the machine, it does with a small red light to mark the workplace. But when I try with LigthBurn the machine does with the laser head, and it is difficult to know if it is in the right place.
Is it possible to change this and put it as RDWorks 8V?
I’m using a macbook pro with Majove.

Thank you very much
I await Answer.

RDWorks turns on your laser light when you frame a project?

Theres an off set value that can be entered under the device settings menu.

You can mark where the red dot is on your material, draw a quick box and measure the difference. Might take a few adjustments to get it spot on

I have the offset value correct. but when you frame, isn’t the red dot frame but the laser head.
If i make the same but in RDWorks she makes with red dot frame. Is better to know if i make on correct place.

Not, she make only the frame. but in RDWorks she makes the frame with the red dot. if i make in Ligthburn she make the frame with the laser head. and is very difficult to know if i make on right place.

Hi Renato - I believe this is a bug in the released version of LightBurn, but it has been fixed for the upcoming release. If you send me a private message I can send you a link for it. I’ll have to get a current version posted up for the Mac, but can do that tomorrow morning. Remind me in the message that this is for the Mac.