Laser mapping in LightBurn?

I’m trying out lightburn, and have been using RDworks. In RDworks, there is a laser mapping fuction that you can set for power. Is there a setting here in lightburn? I need to have 100% power in lightburn use 60% power on my K40. 60% power translates to 20ma, which is 100%. Attached is a screenshot from my RDworks setup. THANKS!!!

and yes, I tried searching the forums first :slight_smile:


I’m uncertain if this will translate directly to your requirements, but LB has the ability to create similar settings on a per-object basis.

Select an object and click on the properties tab in the lower right corner (default layout). If it is not visible, use Window, Shape Properties to activate.

You can reduce the power applied to that object as long as your minimum power for the layer is sufficiently low. I believe, however, that it will apply the entered percentage as a portion of the max power, that is, if your layer is set to 60 percent and you set shape properties to 50 percent, you’ll get 30 percent.

It’s been so long since I’ve used RDWorks that I’m not sure if this is the answer you seek.

@Tsingtao2 That’s one of those features that’s often implemented on the laser controller itself and, since LightBurn supports many controller types, that feature has been left out so far. And it’s ideally something that’s “factory set” as they would have the tools to quantitatively measure it. However, it’s been discussed to add and is at least on our list. But I have no timeline at the moment of when that will happen.

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Which version of RD is that? This is something that’s been asked before, and I’ve considered it, but haven’t gotten much further than that. It could be useful for grayscale and general power settings, but the ramp wouldn’t affect the built-in ramping that the controller does for corners, for example, without hardware support.

Sorry for the delay, was out of town. I am running V8.01.41. It’s under Config, System Settings, Laser Mapping.

It’s not a deal breaker for me by any means, but it is handy when you can tell LB to output 100% power, and it sends the ruida the command to really turn up to 60% (which is 20ma max on my K40). I hope I am explaining it correctly.

While LB does’t have the full mapping, the Ruida controller does have settings for this. If you goto Edit > Machines Settings (while connected to your Ruida) there is a “Laser Settings” section at the bottom. You will see:

  • Laser 1 minimum power (%)
  • Laser 1 maximum power (%)

On my Thunder Nova 35 these are set to 10 and 70, respectively.
Would that take care of what you want? What are those currently set to?

7% and 60%

Like I said, I can deal with it easily, but just wondered if it was incorporated in LB. I’m going to be building up a library, and wanted to use the right %'ages from the start.

I’ve already got a cheat sheet made with real power percent with miliamps with associated scaled power that I refer to all the time.

Those numbers are hard caps which is annoying - You don’t get linear output from 0 to 100 (or anywhere close) - you just get a hard floor at your min and a hard ceiling at your max. I’ve been thinking of having min & max values in LightBurn that would scale everything before sending, and a mapping table wouldn’t be much harder to do.

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