Laser Master 2 doesn't burn

Hi all.
I anyone who can give any answers or suggestions?
The laser doesn’t cut and engraver into the plywood. All settings are properly, speed and power, cables, etc. Between lens and object is the right to distance. Checked a few times!
There is light during work but is no burn mark on the plywood for some reason :frowning:
For me, it’s like the laser has no power.
I’m not idea what could be wrong?


type $$ in console and post here the result

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As requested $$

ok now go in “device settings” and tell me what you have in S-value max

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There is a 1000
Bardzo ratę 115,200
Transfer mode Bufferes

Ok so there is not a problem of mismatch between firmware and software. What about power supply? How much A gives in output?

is 0.8A for standby mode and 0.8A for work mode. So, the laser doesn’t take power at work mode. It means it’s broken :frowning:
Thank you for your time!
All best

Hmmm maybe you are right