Laser Master 2 Pro, Negative Coordinates, Wrong Origin

Need a bit of guidance on this one. I’ve searched the forum and, while I’ve found some info on similar issues, I’m not finding anything that addresses what I seeing specifically. I have the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. I got it set-up and running good with Lightburn for regular flat items. I decided to expand my options and added the Ortur Rotary attachment. I got it all set-up and calibrated and running. Part of the set-up was to save a copy of the current machine setting as “default settings” and then another copy of the machine settings when using the rotary. This way I can easily move between standard use and rotary use. My issue is that as I’ve used the rotary, my coordinates seem to be all out of wack. I switched back to regular laser use (default settings) hoping things would be back to normal, but I still am having a strange scenario. When I click “home” the laser moves to the front left corner of the bed, which is my 0,0 (on the machine and in lightburn). I try to start a regular burn on a 4" x 4" piece of slate sitting in the middle of the laser burn area (at the 8",8" location). When I start the burn I immediately get and out of bounds error which seem to indicate my design is located out of the burn area (it’s not). I click “home” again and the laser rehomes back to 0,0 (as it should). What’s strange is that when I click “Go to Home”, the laser head moves to the top right location and crashed into the rail. I click “home” and it goes back o the 0,0. I tried “go to home” again and it starts heading towards the top right again. This time I clicked stop as it was halfway towards the top right corner and I clicked “Get Position”. The position shows negative values like -8,-8. I struggled with this same issue last week and ultimately found a command code $RST=* that I ended up trying. This fixed everything. For the last week I’ve been back to doing regular flat burns with no issue. Coordinates all showed positive values all across the laser area. I hooked the rotary back up last night and ran a couple tumblers. The same issue came back up. I started getting errors that my design was out of bounds and I was seeing all the negative coordinate values again. I have to be missing something minor in a setting somewhere but I can’t figure out where. Can anyone offer some tips? I surely don’t have to use the $RST=* command everytime I use my rotary?

Thanks in advance

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