Laser Master 2 Pro shows up in Lightburn, but will not "Home" or move the head to cut

Trying to do my first test of the laser and software. I can hook it up, It shows up in the settings as being there. But it says it is busy or paused. Red and Blue light are lit.

Stop Button is not engaged. Everything seems to be plugged in. It powers up and the head goes to the bottom left corner on power up. Laser has been calibrated.

I have restarted several times, powered down the laser. Unplugged and replugged. Restarted Light burn a couple of times. I still cannot get past this point and do my test.

In the LASER window, left click on the DEVICES button…


My laser (Ortur LMP2) connects to COM3 - but LB defaults to COM12.

Give that a try :slight_smile:

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