Laser master ortur 3

I own the ortur laser master 3, Can you run to of the lasers off one laptop?
2nd ? does anyone know if you can change the laser head to a higher wattage?
3rd, is what will work with my software to add 1 third laser that only does cups or tumblers?

Yes. Each laser will be controlled by a distinct instance of LightBurn. Use File->New Window to open an new instance or use OS controls to accomplish the same thing.

Yes. Primary concern is getting one compatible with the power rating of your laser. Ortur LM3 is a 24V unit so get one made for 24V or else get a dedicated power supply for the laser module.

I’m not sure if I’m understanding the question but I’ll interpret this to be asking if it’s possible to have a dedicated machine for cups/tumblers. If so, then yes, this shouldn’t be a concern. You can create any number of devices in LightBurn.

Re: 2

Yesterday I had a promotional email from Ortur teasing about a 22W version coming soon.

They’ve also dropped some videos on YouTube about it

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