Laser mirrors artwork

When burning jpegs, with my Ruida based machine the finished product is a mirror image of the original art. I have looked for setting that would control this but haven’t found anything. I haven’t tried with text.


Ruida controllers have, as far as I know, their origin point in the top right corner. In Lightburn, in your Device settings, do you have the origin set to the top left?

No, The origin is top right.

For a DSP controller such as the Ruida, your device origin in LightBurn should be the same corner as your machine homes to. Is this the case?

My 80W red&black Orion machine has origin at rear left.

Do you have the Ruida controller? If so I will try the rear left.


Yes, Ruida.

When you first turn the machine on it goes to one corner first to home itself.
What corner does yours go to ?

Thanks Hank, Yes it goes to the top left. I reset my machine and set origin to top left. Will try today to see if it fixed the mirror problem.

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