Laser misses corners at high speed

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My laser stops at certain angles and higher speed, moves very very slowly and then moves on to the next point and then continues. This creates the missing corners, which can be seen in the photo. I’d like to work at faster speeds so the cardboard doesn’t burn at the surface that much. How can I solve this? At slow speeds, it lasers the corners cleanly.

If there is a better trouble shooting category please feel free to place it to the right places :blush:

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With your Ruida laser engraver, you have access to a minimum power setting. :slight_smile:

It can help overcome the difference in speeds and directions when you’re making a corner at high speeds.

I would expect the points of the triangle to be missing somewhat is this were the problem, but many people get burnt by this with dsp controllers. I thought I’d mention it.

To add to @JohnJohn, it’s also dependent on what the Ruida start speed is set.

At or below the start speed, the Ruida will always set power to the minimum set in the executing layer. It remains at minimum power until there is a speed increases above the start speed… I’ve got a simple chart to give you an idea of how you can control the power…

Some of these I’ve see are set to 20mm/s… mine from OMTech was 5mm/s. I cut a lot of thick materials in this speed range, so I had to modify how I use it at low speeds.

If your minimum power is under where your tube will lase and the speed gets down to or below 20mm/s you tube won’t lase while in that area of speed…

Sometimes it comes down to how fast can your machine actually turn that corner?

Just keep it in mind…

Good luck


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