Laser misses cuts randomly

Hello, I have an Ortur LM3 LE and it does misses cuts randomly, some of the cuts are perfect, and some are missed, and can’t find the reason.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

This is usually caused by the wood. Plywood is glued from different sheets of wood and the glue is usually not evenly distributed at cheap pieces. I guess you have glue traces inside which aren’t cut through. You can add a few passes to be sure, but depending on the materials they used, you will never cut through at these spots.

That sounds like one problem for sure, so basically other than doing more passes there is nothing to do with this?

The first thing is to check with a different sheet of wood. If it’s placed at the same position, and you have issues at the same spots, it’s mechanical. But I guess you will have problems at different spots then.

The only solution is to use laser-grade plywood or try different suppliers to find one that uses better glue :slight_smile:

Completely agree. You can also try to cut with a saw through where the glossy place is, you will surely see a glue pocket.

I have another theory…

Material doesn’t change so much that it goes from burnt to nothing, there is not even a mark at these random locations. This indicates to me it isn’t lasing.

I think you have an intermittent broken or loose wire/connector. Most likely in one of the moving parts, such as in the drag chain or a connector… I’d bet on the drag chain as this is the where most of the movement occurs.


That would make sense, if all the cuts were like this, but it happens 1 in like 10 cuts, so doesn’t make sense to me. Probably the wood like others said.

This is the definition of an intermittent. The material clearly shows, it’s not lasing…

Do what you think is right.

Good luck


I will check this suggestion as well tho, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Are we looking at the top side or bottom side of the material? If the top side, I agree with Jack. If the bottom side, I have indeed seen heavy plywood glue pockets “instantly” interrupt a burn on the bottom side. In these material samples, I could just barely cut the glue with a brand new Olfa Black utility blade. Don’t know what kind of glue it was, but it was HARD. This was 2mm ply and both faces were uniform in appearance…no patches…so the glue could not possibly have been more than 1.5mm thick.

All of the images I attached are the bottom side of the wood

… it’s glue, take a saw and find out :wink:

Yeah i have checked it, and it looks like right where the uncutted part is, there is a different piece of wood, so I assume that is glued together right there.

In the link I refer to, there are pictures of glue blobs in plywood, it is almost black ceramic.

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