Laser mode resets to disabled all the time

Looks like if I stop the machine between burns, the machine resets back to engraving mode. Anyone had this issue before and have ideas how to set the machine to not reset the mode? Alternatively, is there a way to have Lightburn set the laser mode explicitly at the beginning of each burn?

What controller are you using? I know XCarve (from Inventables) does this with their versions, and it’s incredibly frustrating. I’m reluctant to make the software do it because EEPROM / flash memory has a limited number of write cycles (on average, about 10000), so if I forced that change with every job, it wouldn’t take too long before you bricked the controller.

It’s a Chinese GRBL 1.1 board capable of 48 volt handling that came with the 3018. You can see this board for example in this AliExpress post: GRBL Controller Control Board 3Axis Stepper Motor Support Offline Double Y Axis USB Driver Board For CNC Laser Engraver|Woodworking Machinery Parts| - AliExpress

So… this sounds like I need to find out if I can flash another firmware on the controller. It’s reporting the version as GRBL 1.1f and the board came with a firmware hex file, so guess it should be safe-ish to flash the latest GRBL onto the board and see if that works. :sweat_smile:

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