Laser moves to origin during work

Sometimes my laser goes down to the lower left corner during a work in progress. Lightburn’s preview does not show this movement pattern.

Watch a movie clip here:

What am i doing wrong?

Well, the link is a video of you skating, so it’s hard to tell if you’re heading back to the origin or not. :slight_smile:

There is a possibility that the file you’re running includes an empty object, like a line with one point removed. LightBurn would jog the controller to that point, then emit no cutting moves, then jog to the start of the next shape.

Which version of LightBurn are you running? I thought I had fixed this. If you have a file that does this, can you post it here? (or send it directly to me if it’s not public - email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and include a link to this thread)

Thanks. I’m not allowed to upload a file so I will email it to you.

Regards Örjan

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