Laser moves with lb but doesn’t fire

Laser doesn’t fire in lb. It will move but no laser

I’m going to move this into the Ortur Section.

95% of the time this is caused by a mismatch between a Machine Setting of $30 and S-Value Max.

We should also confirm the Firmware version because Ortur consistently improves firmware with new releases.

With the Ortur connected, In LightBurn please request these reports by typing these into the Console Window:
Pressing enter after each one.

Please copy those reports from the Console window and paste them into a reply here.

In LightBurn, click Edit, click Device Settings near the bottom of the list. In the lower Right Corner of that screen you’ll see a box for S-value max.

Please confirm that the number in the S value Max box is the same as the number next to $30 in the settings report you requested.

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