Laser moving up and down. Wont move right ot left

I have a universal 15000 blue cnc laser engraver. I tried hooking up a rotory and did not succeed and cant get back to where i was when my machine was working.
I will attach pics

Any help getting me back on track would be very appreciated! My laser work space is 40 by 40 if that makes a difference

You have set “Rotary - NO”?

I am not sure what you mean. Also lighrburn updated yesterday

I took rotory off and when i tried to go back to normal laser it doesn’t move right. From home position when i hit frame it will move straigjt up instead of a diagonal movement to the center of my bed

Hi CindyVan,
You might try turning off the Z axis Control - Enable Z axis and Opimize Z moves (click on green box to turn it brown) as seen in your 5th picture (Device settings for GRBL).
You might also consider ticking the Show rotary enable on main window option (click on brown box to turn it green) for ease of rotary device use in the future, as seen in your 3rd picture (Settings – Display & Units).

Hope this helps.

I am trying to post pics of my consol

So I can now frame something but it does it in the lower left corner instead of the middle of the bed. I clicked user origin.

Its fixed!!!