Laser not available after using find my laser

Hi! Just upgraded from a GRBL license to the DSP so I could use Lightburn with my K40. I’ve got it powered on and USB connected to my laptop and the software will find the laser when I try to add it. I put in the options and when I click “Finish”, it’s not added to my devices. The device info says LihuiyuLabs when I’m adding the device. After I put in the specs, the new device wizard summary says it’s an icon M2 Nano. It doesn’t become available to connect.

That board is not currently supported by LightBurn. If you purchased the DSP upgrade to use with that board, I’ll refund your purchase.

That works, thanks. Disappointed though, because I love using this for my 3018. Purchase was made less than an hour ago by my username at gmail :slight_smile:

LightBurn does not support the stock M2 Nano. You would need to replace the hardware controller with one that is compatible.

Not sure why you did this. The DSP license is for larger, entry to mid-level commercial laser cutting systems where the K40 style lasers are more known as a DIY style setup. Please email us at support at lightburnsoftware dot com and we can help with refunding your purchase.

LightBurn actually recognizes the Nano and calls it a DSP. I’ve changed the code to display as “(Not Supported)” in the description.

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Now I understand. :wink:

Yeah, that was my fault, not hers. I put code in there to recognize the USB ID of the board. The intention was always to display it as “Not Supported”, but it didn’t show up when I tried it, so I stopped working on it.

It appears that people who’ve swapped the driver to work with Whisperer do see the board in the auto-detect, and the labeling was never changed to say it’s not supported. I’ve fixed that.

@413ArtWorks - I’ve also processed your refund.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I do appreciate the fast response- and also explaining why I’d do it, since it didn’t seem like I shouldn’t.

If you do want to use your K40 with LightBurn, there are a number of boards you can get that are mostly plug and play, and will work with your GCode version of the software.

Have a look at:

Thanks so much, Oz :slight_smile: I will look into the Mini Gerbil- no plans for a z-axis at the moment :smiley:

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